The Three Kinds of Content Marketing Audience

Fire up your favorite search engine. Type in anything that interests you and hit enter. You’re now swept away in the constant torrent of content, much of which serves as a marketing tool either directly or indirectly. Every news feed, landing page, business blog, or online magazine offers content not only for its own sake […]

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5 Lessons Sellers Can Learn from Marketers

Marketing isn’t the straight shot through the sales funnel that it used to be. With the advent of search engines, crowd-sourced review sites, and more widely available knowledge across every industry, marketers see leads pouring into that funnel at every step of sales readiness – not just from the top. The average B2B customer has […]

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The Five Worst Mistakes Marketers Make

Making positive changes pays dividends, but sometimes marketers also need to look at which negative habits might be holding them back. If you’re making some of these mistakes yourself, they’re easy to fix, but first you have to be aware of them. Ask yourself if your best marketing strategies are being undercut by these bad […]

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Develop a More Strategic View of Sales

The best quarterbacks are those who have what coaches call vision, the ability to see the game not just from a single position but from numerous angles. They have a strategic view of the game that lets them make vital decisions with split-second timing. Agility, quick decision-making, power, accuracy – it’s the same skill set […]

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How to Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing isn’t new, but how you use it just might be. It’s no longer enough to pump out content without a deeper understanding of what you want that information to accomplish for you. A fully realized content strategy not only coordinates how you produce and distribute content, but it also makes it serve a […]

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4 Steps to Becoming a More Formidable Competitor

If you’re the only gladiator in the ring, you’ve already won. How many companies can say that’s true for them? Even if it is, how long will it stay true? Being first to market with a revolutionary product means having a huge competitive advantage, but like track stars with staggered start lines, what looks like […]

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The Biggest Mistakes in Content Marketing

“Content is king” has become more of a platitude than a paradigm for SEO and digital marketing. If it’s so important, though, why are so many people still doing it wrong? You don’t have to look far to find puff pieces about touting the importance of content marketing without digging deeper into what it is, […]

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Content Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making – And How to Fix Them

  Content is as old as written language, but content marketing is a new concept for business owners. Giving your customers something of value instead of just advertising to them is a product of Information-Age ingenuity.  With more access to information, prospects aren’t just being sold to; they’re seeking out knowledge on their own, which […]

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5 Must-Do Sales Tips

Every expert seller has a set of surefire sales tips, but not everyone agrees on a single formula. To get a handle on how to boost sales, we asked our own team of experts and distilled their wisdom into five simple tips that work for any product, any service and any industry. What You Say […]

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Marketing Tools and Trends for 2015

Marketing directors are always looking for an edge. In 2015, they’ll find it in the latest technology, and any CMO who ignores tech innovations risks being left out of a global online marketplace that recently topped $1 trillion. While B2C buyers have flocked to online buying, B2B companies are also seeing a lift in their […]

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