Busting Marketing Automation Myths

Marketing automation is an easy way to reach out to customers and engage with them without increasing your workload, but many marketers are still wary about marketing automation. They may worry that it removes the locus of control from marketers or that customers won’t respond well to automation tools. Perhaps they believe it’s too expensive […]

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The Sales and Marketing Skills You Didn’t Learn in College

A classroom education in sales and marketing can only give you so much. When you get into real-world successes – yes, and even the occasional failure – you get a much more intense learning experience. Learning by doing is always valuable, but here are some key lessons other sales pros have learned for you.

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6 Tips to Master Inbound Marketing

While outbound marketing still matters, inbound marketing has been the more significant revenue driver for most companies for years – and that trend’s only going to strengthen. Trust in advertising is being replaced by independent research and careful consideration. That’s great news for companies that invest in content marketing, SEO, social media, and other inbound […]

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Content Marketing that Out-Competes Your Rivals

At this moment, you have more knowledge at your fingertips than have filled whole libraries in the past. Content is everywhere and in every form, from long-form think pieces in prestigious magazines to videos showcasing the latest herbal tea. Your leads are swimming in content too. Marketing researchers estimate that B2B leads have traversed 50 […]

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How to Grow as a CMO

The marketing sector has experienced transformative growth, but have you kept pace with it? It’s an important question for anyone in marketing to answer, but it’s especially pertinent to CMOs who set the tone for their entire organization’s marketing activities. Let this road map to growth help you reinvigorate yourself and your staff. Stretch Yourself […]

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Playing Games with Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is serious business. Games, by definition, are pure fun. You wouldn’t think there’s much overlap between them, yet a game-theory approach to content marketing can give you some surprising insights. Game mechanics – the same rules and guidelines that drive the success of games from Farmville to World of Warcraft – also underlie […]

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Content Marketing Trends for 2016

Creative, compelling content is more important than ever to marketers, and trends in content marketing bear that out. A market once dominated by volume has shifted into one that prioritizes knowledge and relevance with more long-form and in-depth content. Neither is content restricted to a handful of channels; it’s inter-connected, leading the people interacting with […]

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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Sales Strategy

Selling effectively doesn’t have a magic formula; if it did, marketing professionals would be out of a job. At its core, selling is a matter of establishing a relationship with customers, and relationships aren’t subject to universal rules. There are, however, some ways of selling that have higher success rates – techniques that foster relationship-building […]

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How Much Are IT Predictions Worth?

To some extent, CIOs and information specialists are visionaries. They try to predict the course of technological development over the next few years so they can carry their companies to the crest of the next wave of innovation. They also have to predict which vulnerabilities might be exploitable in the future, out-thinking hacks and data […]

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The 7 Most Important Facts to Know about Your Competition’s Content Marketing

By its nature, content marketing is public. You have to take your content to the public sphere to have any impact with it – and so do your competitors. This public forum gives you an outstanding opportunity to look at what your competition is doing so you know how to improve on their offerings and […]

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