Busting Marketing Automation Myths

Marketing automation is an easy way to reach out to customers and engage with them without increasing your workload, but many marketers are still wary about marketing automation. They may worry that it removes the locus of control from marketers or that customers won’t respond well to automation tools. Perhaps they believe it’s too expensive for all but the largest firms or think it’s a fire-and-forget solution. In looking at the most common misperceptions about marketing automation, you can learn how to use it to its fullest advantage.

Myth: Marketing Automation Is Robotic

Not all automation is cold and mechanical. Marketing automation takes care of the routine tasks and frees marketers to spend more time on creativity instead of monotony. The technology still needs people to create content even if the delivery of it is automated. In fact, automation generally earns higher marks from customers of businesses that use it because it allows businesses to tailor their messages to the right customer at the right time. Automating email nurture programs, customizing landing pages, and delivering targeted content are signs that you’re genuinely keyed into your audience, and all of these are easier with automation.

Myth: Business Automation Is a Set-and-Forget Solution

No automation runs without oversight, and that includes marketing automation. Human intelligence is still essential to analyze A/B testing, create new content for nurture streams, and improve the accuracy of lead scoring and market segmentation algorithms. Markets change over time, and the beauty of automation isn’t that it lets you set it and walk away, but that it gives CMOs the tools they need to keep up with those changes. The technology is dynamic, adapting itself to shifting needs and levels of engagement. It needs skilled, knowledgeable marketers to make it truly sing.

Myth: Automation Is for Sales

The “marketing” part of marketing automation is as important as the “automation” bit. Marketing automation can be used to generate and score leads, optimize customer engagement, manage nurture programs, and coordinate multi-channel marketing with ease. It’s far more than just a sales force, although it also incorporates your CRM data and improves communication with the sales team. From guiding leads through your sales funnel to locating and retargeting customers who have failed to convert, marketing automation is a one-stop solution – but only if you invest in the marketing aspect of it with plenty of content and well-defined nurture programs.

Myth: Marketing Automation Costs Too Much

While large corporations might build their own proprietary automation systems in-house, that’s far from the only option on the market today. Marketing automation has become accessible to small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you opt for buying your own marketing automation package and running it in-house or working with a third party marketing firm, you can find solutions that fit your budget as well as your needs.

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